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The Vineyarder is designed for the application of product under vines / tree lines. This robust Spreader has been designed for the application of products like poultry manure, lime, gypsum, wood shavings etc.

The Vineyarder


-Heavy duty moulded conveyor belt
-Infinitely variable hydraulic control to feed belt
-Adjustable door to regulate product flow

The Vineyarder


- Electronic control of either left of right conveyor
- Adjustable conveyor width to suit
- Twin spinner adaptor for broad acre spreading

The Vineyarder


- 4 or 6 cubic metre units
- Feed capacity from .50kg / 100m to 4CM / 100m
- Oil capacity – 40 L/m

The Vineyard Spreader in action at LG Vineyard Services -


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