Seymour Rural Equipment

ComposterSeymour Rural Equipment is an engineering workshop which specialises the manufacture of bulk handling equipment from Conveyors & Grain Shifters to Truck Mounted & Trailing Spreaders, Bulk Conveyor Trailers and Potato Handling Equipment.

We are based in central Victoria but manufacture equipment for use in all areas of Australia, from Tasmania to Far North Queensland.


Crump K1000 Spreader - details

Crump K1000BV Spreader - details

Crump K2000 Spreader - details

Mill Creek Compact Spreader - details

Mill Creek Mid Sized Spreader - details

Southern Cross MU-ECOTOP Flail Mower - details

Southern Cross MU-M Flail Mower - details


The Vineyard Spreader in action at LG Vineyard Services -

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